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Periodontal Disease Albuquerque

Good Oral Health Means More Than Just Straight, White Teeth

It’s easy to assume that you have good oral health. When you look at your teeth and see that it looks clean, you might be fooled into thinking that your gums are healthy. But you should always take into account the health of your gums. At the onset of periodontal disease, a problem may not be noticeable as the gum may only be a little inflamed while still retaining its usual color. However as time passes and it is left untreated, it can ultimately cause a lot of pain and progress into full-blown periodontitis, which can eventually lead to removal of a tooth or more.

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is the inflammation of the periodontium or the gum tissue that surrounds teeth. The inflammation results in the gums pulling away from the teeth and creating a periodontal pocket that becomes infected. This is caused by microorganisms that attach to and grow on the surface of teeth. As our body fights the microorganisms, the ensuing exchange between the toxins and our own antibodies causes a breakdown in the bone, gums, and tissue that support that teeth.

When left untreated, this can cause the tooth or teeth to become loose, and eventually fall out. The pain caused by the infection can also be very excruciating that it may necessitate the removal of the teeth in the infected area even if the teeth aren’t completely damaged.

The best way to prevent periodontal disease is to practice impeccable oral hygiene beginning at an early age. This can also be helped by visiting dental facilities such as Peak Family Dentistry for dental prophylaxis, as professional cleaning can significantly remove stains and residue that simply cannot be dealt through standard oral hygiene.

In the event that there is already periodontal disease present, we offer different types of treatment that are applicable depending on the severity of your condition. This includes the scaling and rooting of infected areas, medication, and surgical treatment.

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