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Cosmetic Dentistry Albuquerque

A beautiful smile and a set of perfectly white teeth can do quite a bit to boost your self-esteem, and it’s not surprising that so many people are looking for a skilled cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque to help them. At Peak Family Dentistry, we are more than happy to help our patients achieve a look that makes them feel good about themselves while helping them improve their dental health.

There are a lot of culprits to blame for stained or damaged teeth, with coffee, alcoholic drinks, and tobacco use being some of the more common suspects. Other factors such as genetics, age, and dental care habits can also lead to a less-than-perfect smile. Regardless of the reason, working with a skilled team of dentists can help restore your teeth and set a foundation for better oral health down the road.

Porcelain Veneers In Albuquerque

Also known as dental veneers or dental laminates, these are extremely thin, personalized shells that are made to cover the outside of the tooth’s surface. The shells are bonded to the outside of the tooth and effectively alter the shape, color, and even size of the tooth. Veneers are a great option that can help patients who have discolored, misaligned, or chipped teeth. It will normally take three visits to complete the procedure as porcelain veneers need to be custom fit for each patient prior to bonding.

Teeth Whitening In Albuquerque

For patients who do not have damaged teeth but would still love to have a brighter smile, teeth whitening is a simple and cost-effective solution to building stronger self confidence. Our team is able to help through in-house teeth bleaching services as well as providing our patients with whitening kits that they can use at home. Choose us for any of your cosmetic dentistry needs in Albuquerque.

Dental Implants In Albuquerque

In the event that a patient is dealing with a missing tooth, a dental implant is an option that they can utilize instead of a dental bridge, depending on the situation. Unlike a bridge, an implant does not cause any damage to the surrounding teeth and is a reliable and efficient way of preserving the natural anatomy of the mouth and jaw. Because it functions as an artificial tooth root, dental implants can also help patients with loose fitting dentures due to the damaged structure of their jaw and mouth.

When properly maintained, dental implants are shown to last for a lifetime and are one of the most successful methods of helping clients deal with missing teeth.