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Albuquerque Cosmetic Dentist: Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Published on March 5, 2015

A person’s smile can be a handy weapon to have on the social battlefield; after all, there’s nothing more attractive than radiating confidence in how you look like. The problem is: not everyone is born with great teeth and flawless smiles don’t last forever; factors such as genetics, aging, and unhealthy habits can all contribute to having a less than perfect smile.

That said, there is hope yet for Albuquerque residents. Aside from everyday care and maintenance, there are other ways to improve one’s oral appearance. Cosmetic dentistry procedures deal with the aesthetic aspect of oral health, and while these procedures are not necessary, they do help in enhancing a person’s smile.

According to an article from ACEDentalEducation.com, “Cosmetic dentistry procedures differ from general dentistry or restorative dentistry procedures in that they are elected as opposed to required. Cosmetic dentistry has the added dimension of art as well as combining the oral health benefits of general and restorative dentistry to give patients the smile they have dreamed of.” Some of these cosmetic dentistry procedures have become exceedingly popular over the years, and a skilled Albuquerque cosmetic dentist will often have these standard procedures as part of their services.

Dental Implants

Dental implants serve as replacements for missing teeth, copying the color and feel of the original in order for it to appear natural. This procedure is generally safe for adults and can last a long time with proper care and maintenance.


It’s not uncommon to see older individuals using dentures. Since loss of teeth is inevitable for people with advanced age, complete or partial dentures can help make eating, drinking and talking much easier.

Teeth Whitening

Thanks to its affordability, tooth whitening has become a pretty common procedure. Whitening treatments can massively improve the appearance of a person’s teeth, giving them a fresher and cleaner smile.


Braces are one of the most common orthodontic appliances recommended by dentists. Crooked teeth and bad bites can lead to further health problems, and braces can be used to correct the teeth’s alignment.

In the end, cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile and may even aid in boosting your self-esteem and confidence. There are many health and social benefits in undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures. If you want to take advantage of these benefits, visit Albuquerque cosmetic dentistry clinics such as Peak Family Dentistry, LLC.

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